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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Dance Connection Studio Chicago - Jive Dance Lessons and Dance Video

Jive dance lesson studio in Chicago. Get dance lessons in Chicago for Ballroom, Salsa, La Rueda, Wedding First Dance, and various Latin dances.


The Jive dance originated in the 1940's and is the less acrobatic International Style variation of the Jitterbug and Lindy Hop, both Swing dances from the 1930's. Jive is a very energetic, upbeat, and lively dance that is great fun to learn. You can see a demonstration of the dance in the Jive video on this page.

This dance does not progress around the dance floor but remains on one part of the floor. There is a lot of movement with knee lifts, kicks and flicks of the feet, rocking of the hips, single and double spins in every direction. Every step is taken onto the ball of the foot with a flexed knee to a lowering of the heel with a straightening of the knee and a hip movement in the direction of the stepping foot. The legs and feet are well placed and the movement is never out of control.

The music for the Jive is written in 4/4 time and is counted 1 2 3a4 or Quick,Quick,Quick-a-Quick, Quick-a-Quick(Q,Q,QaQ,QaQ). Jive can be danced to fast Swing, Rock and Roll and a variety of fast, upbeat music. The Jive is in the International Style Latin competition dance program and is danced to very fast Swing music in competitions and shows. The American Style Rhythm competition dance program does not include the Jive, but it does include East Coast Swing which shares some of the basic patterns and figures with the Jive. Again, you can see a demonstration of the dance in the Jive video on this page.

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