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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Dance Connection Studio Chicago - Samba Dance Lessons and Dance Video

Samba dance lesson studio in Chicago. Get dance lessons in Chicago for Ballroom, Salsa, La Rueda, Wedding First Dance, and various Latin dances.


The Samba dance is a popular Latin Ballroom dance that is highly energetic, rhythmical and fun to learn. The Samba dance evolved in Brazil in the 19th century as a celebratory dance and became a ballroom dance in the 1930's. You can see the Samba dance demonstrated in the Samba video on this page.

Samba is a progressive dance that is danced around the dance floor. With its fast beat, this dance requires flexibility and fast footwork, even in the basic steps. There is also use of a rolling hip movement (a figure eight movement that is caused from the alternate bending and straightening of the knees when changing weight from foot to foot) and the "Samba Bounce". The "Samba Bounce" is a rhythmical short up and down movement created from the bending and straightening of the knees and ankles. This movement should appear effortless and never exaggerated. Mastering dancing the "Samba Bounce" adds immensely to the texture of the Samba dance. The basic footwork uses fast, weight changes with an alternating foot pattern.

Samba music is written in 2/4 or 4/4 time. There are two styles of Samba. The first Samba dance style is the International Style Latin Samba, which is counted Slow, Slow(SS), Slow-Quick-Quick(SQQ), Quick-Quick-Quick-Quick(QQQQ) or Slow-a-Slow(SaS) or any combination of these rhythms. The second Samba dance style is the American Style Rhythm Samba, which is counted 1a2 or 1a2a3a4 or Slow-Quick-Quick(SQQ). Both Samba dance styles are demonstrated in the Samba video on this page.

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