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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Dance Connection Studio Chicago - Dance Lessons in Ballroom, Salsa, Rueda and Wedding Dance Instruction

Dance lesson studio in Chicago on Clybourn Ave. Get dance lessons in Chicago for Ballroom, Salsa, La Rueda, Wedding First Dance, and various Latin dances.

The Studio


Dance Connection Studio is located at 3117 N. Clybourn Ave. just southeast of the Western / Belmont intersection on the north side of Chicago.

A Brief History

In the spring of 2001, Dance Connection became the next in a line of interesting businesses adding to the building's rich history. Built in 1921, the building was first used to build the right wing of airplanes that were eventually flown in World War II. The left wing of the planes were built at another facility on Irving Park and the planes were finally assembled at Midway Airport. The original hoist used to haul heavy machinery in and out of the building still remains in the north room as a hallmark antique of the building's past.

After the building's tenure with the aviation industry, the building was the home of several other businesses including an engineering firm, a photography studio and now Dance Connection Studio.

A New Era

Main Studio Dance Floor with Mirrors Throughout the years, the building has been through many internal changes and Dance Connection's arrival was no exception to the trend. Upon moving into the building, the studio's owner committed to remodeling the interior to ideal specifications fit for the students that would dance on its floors. The building's interior provides an environment conducive to learning, artistic inspiration and expression.

The studio features large windows spanning the two sides of the building and reaching the 12 foot ceiling in height. During the day, students can enjoy rays of sun streaming through the glass falling in line on the dance floor. The gleaming hardwood floors and the building's exposed brick give the studio a comfortable, lofty look & feel while providing a cool oasis of fresh air in the summer. The studio's approximately 5000 square feet of dance floor space extend over two floors and give adequate room to the dancer who tends to drift.

A wall of mirrors in every room gives the dance studio its signature attribute reflecting the life, light and artwork they see around them. Contemporary artwork is displayed throughout the studio urging passersby to stop and take a look.

In addition to the interior features of the building, strobe lights, stereo speakers, track lighting, a disco ball and contemporary lighting fixtures adorn its walls and ceilings.

Overall, the studio creates a comfortable, unconstrained, airy environment fit for those who exercise their passion to dance. As it provided a place to reach the sky in the making of wings, so shall it provide a place to reach the sky with the experience of dance excitement.

Dance Connection Studio Photo Indoors
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